4 April  2009

SOS calls for tenders for 128mtr Multi Purpose offshore supply vessel. The most powerful vessel ever to be built, with a bollard pull of 450ton. To commence building 23rd December 2012.

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Summary of Qualifications

Master Mariner (Foreign Going)
Salvage Master
Fire Fighting
Saturation Diver
Pump Operator (Salvage)
Hazardous Cargo (Shipping)
Saturation Technician
ROV Pilot
Submersible Pilot

Sonagraphic Image of an old wreck
notice the sonar shadows  

Captain Kell Walker LLB
1964 – 1966 Royal Australian Navy
1966 – 1968 Abalone Diver (Licensed)
1968 –1969
Ocean Systems Deep Sea Diver (Bass Straight)  Drill Ship

1969 – 1971 Port Emergency Diver ((( Certified) Pump Operations, Fire & Rescue, Paramedic, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus O2, Class IV Masters Certificate, Explosives, Hazardous Cargo, (Salvage, West Gate Bridge, Tug Melbourne.)) Mentioned in Dispatches.

1971 – 1972 Selco (Singapore) Salvage Diver.  Salvage of Drill Ship, Bulk Carrier, Tanker, Cargo Vessel.

1972 –1973 Comex (Far East) Deep Sea Diver,  Saturation Diver (Oil Field), Barge Master, Salvage.  (Jack Up Rig,  Drill Ship, Offshore Support Vessel, Barge.) Malaysia, East Malaysia,  Borneo, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, India.

1973 – 1974 Oceaneering (Singapore) Deep Sea Diver Saturation Diver Oil Field.  (Drill Ship, Offshore Support Vessel, SBM Systems.) Malaysia, East Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Korea,  India.

1974 – 1981 Comex Pty Ltd, United Divers Pty Ltd (Australia) Bass Straight, Saturation Diving, Salvage, Construction, Survey.  Salvage: Lake Illawarra & Straightsman.  United Divers Pty Ltd was the first Australian owned diving company to work saturation diving in Australia all of which was undertaken by me.

1981 – 1982 Submersible Pilot, Perry Submersibles, Huston Texas, Gulf of Mexico.

1982 – 1990 Own Command, Salvage Ship JP Webb (245 foot), Tug Skipper,  Barge Master, Airborne Magnetometer, Side Scan Sonar, Deep Sea Diving,  Salvage

1990 –1993 Prequalification Course in Law, Western Australian Tafe, Perth.

1996 LLB Bond University

1997 – 2003 IT, Internet Service Provider

2003 – 2009  Salvage Master

2009    Commenced Post Graduate Diploma (Maritime Law)

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